Handmade Incense Collection. Nepal is the land of Buddha where people burn incense everyday during the morning and the evening puja. Besides that, not any of the ritual ceremonies are complete without incense.

People believe that smoke offering and using the pure herbs to worship Buddha brings peace in life. These incense are purely handmade using the blend of herbs which is brought from the Himalayas.

It is scientifically proved that the herbs from the higher altitude is a highest source of medicinal remedies. Similarly, the goodness of these herbs keeps the mind peaceful and relaxed.

Monasteries and temples in Nepal can be seen with the smoke of incense. People go to the temple and monasteries and burn incense to release their stress and to be peaceful. They also believe that burning the incense with the pure heart will bring the blessings in family members.

Amazing Hands Nepal brings you the beautiful sets of Handmade Incense Collection by the Nepalese and Tibetan artisans. Many of the Bhutanese artisans who came to Nepal as a refugee also been making Incense and that also we are selling here.

Every incense that you buy is not just helping to keep the tradition alive but also supporting many of the Tibetan and Bhutanese refugees who had to exile from their own land.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any more information about our Incense or about helping to support. Your purchase would help us to inspire our artisans.

Bhutanese & Tibetan Incense (56)

Handmade Cone Incense (7)

Handmade Herbal Powder Incense (11)

Natural Flora Stick Incense (21)

Traditional Nepali Rope Incense (68)

Traditional Tibetan Roll Incense (6)