Nepali Felt Products. Felt products are ranked as one of the most empowered business where there are thousands of women are involved. The felt products that you see in our store are completely handmade with care, using the best quality sheep wool.

Similarly, these sheep wool are from the healthy and happy sheep which is imported from New Zealand. The raw sheep wool is divided into two different categories, natural and colored, by carding and dyeing.

After dyeing, get different sizes and shapes and compress them by hand. It can be used directly to make products, it can also be used to make carpets or rugs of different sizes, or it can be made into felt balls, which will later be used to produce felt bags and other accessories.

Next, the crafter combine it with hot water and soap, rub the raw materials by hand and manipulate them to obtain the desired shape. Then after washing it in cold water, they dry it with a rotary dryer, and then put it in the sun to completely dry it.

According to the design, cutting, sewing, gluing and joining work are carried out to produce the finished product. As it goes with the different process to get the finished products, many of the women even work to their home.

These hardworking women work on it for few more hours before bed even after working 9 to 5 a day. Your purchase of our Nepali Felt Products is a great motivation for these women who work hard and do things with their feelings.

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