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Amazing Hands Nepal is the one-stop Nepali handicrafts wholesale shop in Kathmandu. Our products category includes arts and crafts collection, handmade incense collection, incense burners & holders, Nepali cotton crafts, handmade resin products as well as handmade traditional jewelry arts. Similarly, the Himalayan metal crafts, Himalayan wild hemp products, Lokta paper craft products, and macramé cotton crafts are available for wholesale purchase.

Next, we also have Nepali carpets and rugs, cotton bags and purses, Nepali fair trade products, Nepali felt products and Nepali clothing crafts. Adding more to it, we have Nepali health and herbal products, Nepali woolen crafts collection, Tibetan dharma ritual items, Tibetan singing bowl collection and also the traditional wooden crafts all are available for wholesale purchase. We use all the available shipping services as per your requirements for the safe and fastest delivery.

A single little business with us will help you understand how much importance we give to our business partners to run the business together for years.

It would be our greatest fortune to be able to serve all the above Nepalese handicrafts to the world.  Come let’s do the dynamic business together!

Nepali handicrafts wholesale shop (Amazing Hands Nepal) is located in the beautiful monastery area in Kopan.

Short Description Of Buddhism & Hinduism Book

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Artistic Pattern Woolen Shawl

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Ancient Symbolic Woolen Shawl

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Ancient Tibetan White Lotus Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Valerian (Sugandhawal) Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Spiritual Healing Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Spikenard (Pang Poe) Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Sandalwood Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Saal Dhoop Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Rosemary Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Rose (Gulab) Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Red-Sandalwood Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Palo Santo Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Nagchampa Incense

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Ancient Tibetan Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) Incense

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