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Nepali Himalayan Herbal Products

The Nepali Himalayan herbal products have been renowned for their healing power since ancient times. The goodness and effectiveness of these products have been explained in various books i.e. “Purana” (Hindu Deity Book), “Ramayana” (Hindu Deity Book) and also stories i.e. the story of Hanuman and the Himalaya. World one of the most expensive medicines called “Yarchagumba” is also found here in the Himalayas.

The highest altitude lands and pure environment in the Himalayas of Nepal grow a variety of medicinal herbs that can cure many severe diseases.

Drinking herbal green tea that is grown in the Himalayas has so much of positive effects on the body and mind. The coffee beans from these higher altitudes may awaken anyone and give strong energy to the body with their mild sweet taste.

We aim to make all our Nepali Himalayan Herbal Products available to all across the globe.

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