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Welcome to our amazing Shopping Discount Information page. Our motto is to provide the best wholesale shopping experience to our clients all around the world. We believe in our client’s success in business because that’s what MAKES US SUCCESSFUL. Find all the information you need to be our wholesale customer and always feel free to connect with us if you have any further questions or concerns about our Shopping Discount Information. Enjoy exclusive wholesale pricing by becoming a registered wholesale buyer. Visit our SHOP PAGE now!

1. Discount on Product Price

1.1 Wholesale Discount:
Enjoy exclusive wholesale pricing by becoming a registered wholesale buyer. Simply create a regular account on our website and email us at to be added to our wholesale buyer’s list. Unlock amazing wholesale discounts for bulk purchases.

1.2 Clearance Discount:
Don’t miss out on significant savings! Selected products offer clearance discounts ranging from 20% to 70%. Stay informed about our clearance sales and get access to exclusive coupon codes by subscribing to our newsletter.

1.3 Festival Discount:
Celebrate the joy of festivals with us! Join our Festival Discount Club to receive exciting discounts on your purchases during festive seasons. Send us an email at to be added to our festival discount group and make your celebrations even more special.

2. Discount on Shipping Charge

Shipping handmade crafts from Nepal to your location is a unique challenge due to Nepal being a landlocked country. To alleviate the shipping costs and ensure fair pricing, we have a discounted shipping policy based on the weight or volume of the parcel.

The shipping cost per kilogram is inversely related to the weight of the shipment. For instance, if the parcel weighs 20 KG, the cost per KG is $9.50. However, if the weight increases to 50 KG, the cost per KG reduces to $9.00, providing you with considerable savings.

For specific details about shipping discounts based on destination and parcel weight, please contact us through:

WhatsApp: +977 974 2927 600

We are dedicated to promptly addressing all your inquiries and ensuring a seamless shopping experience with Amazing Hands Nepal. Find out more about us on YouTube Channel.

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