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Nepali Traditional wooden handicrafts you see in our store are an example of how ancient woodworkers and wood carving artisans made their imaginative creations and transferred their unique crafting style to the next generation. Similarly, it has given shape to every aspect of the Nepalese culture. The earliest and finest examples of the wooden arts are now preserved in ancient temples and monasteries in Nepal.

The inspiration to create these wooden crafts are the heritage that other witness every day of living with their ancestors work and also to increase employment and income.

Moreover, wooden crafts in Nepal begun to ascend as far back as the Lichabi period in 1500 and the combination of tradition, religion and market value led to an increase in various types of items. Decorative wall hanging masks, statue, jewellery boxes, doors and windows, photo frames are a few of its examples.

We are proud to represent the largest varieties of Nepali traditional wooden handicrafts made by skilled artisans and sharing our cultural heritage with the world, providing an opportunity to the artisans to develop their lifestyle.

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