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How Amazing Hands Nepal was Started

Story about how we started. We are in Amazing Hands Nepal, proud to be sharing our startup story with handmade loving people.

Our beautiful country Nepal is full of temples, stupas and monasteries. Geographically, there are mountains, lakes, hills and rivers. The tradition and the culture we possess is always more than we can imagine.

According to the culture and environment, the lifestyle of the people here in Nepal is various and the way people live their life is beautifully significant. Different traditional dressings, jewelry and household are some of a kind.

It was a lifetime experience for our team to visit different parts of our country wondering about how people are sustaining even after an earthquake in 2015.

Inventing the new cultural and useful crafts, using the natural resources and selling them to the different village markets that used to happen every month, was the way to earn something for many of our ancestors. Bamboo baskets to collect foods at the farm and grass for animals; cotton, hemp, jute, woolen, and some other bags to carry groceries; wooden and bamboo shades to put the lamp at home, different metal and wooden bowls to feed the animals, varieties of Chester and drawers to keep the necessaries and so many other handcrafted products, people are still trading in different regions.

Sadly, because of not getting enough market to show their products and also not getting proper remuneration for all their hard work, people started going to the different gulf countries searching for another opportunity. Even though their creations are more than just a craft and could sell in an international market with a good enough price, many of the great artisans whose products are still in high demand, decided to leave and go to the gulf countries to do the risky work where some of them even lost their existences.

After hearing all that, we were all in silence but also were crying loudly inside our heart. None of us was even able to think of how they might have gone through. At first, we couldn’t decide what we could do for those artisans to generate life in their land.

Living in this 21st century, everything is possible with one click. People can talk to each other watching their faces live. Similarly, they get to know each other, share stories even if they’re living a million miles away. The Internet has made it so easy. Further, we decided to take this opportunity and create a platform for those artisans to showcase their beautiful creations. We gave it the name Amazing Hands Nepal as our artisans are making beautiful stuff using their truly amazing hands.

We aim to see the children of our artisans be around them. They would never have to ask their mom, “where is papa?” And the mom would never have to reply “He is abroad laboring hard so that we would live a good life.” Instead of being depressed with the situation, we wish to see our artisans inspiring others to make handcrafted products and generate more entrepreneurship in Nepal.

Amazing Hands Nepal

Also, we thought of making one single platform for our buyers and supporters where they could buy a larger variety of Nepalese handcrafted products selected from different parts of Nepal easily.

This is how we started our business Amazing Hands Nepal, a place where people from all around world can shop for Nepalese handicraft products sitting at every corner of the world.

Come and let’s get united to support the tiny little homemade and family businesses in Nepal.

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