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Himalayan Soap Bars

Nepalese Himalayan Soap Bars contains the finest qualities of high Himalayan substances. The highest qualities of biodegradable ingredients from the Himalayas used to produce these soap bars helps to relax and calm the body and mind. Similarly, these soap bars also contains the aroma of the Himalayan essential oils that brings the mental balance.

Next, these soap bars cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Each of these soap bars are handmade by the Nepalese artists and it is purely natural and vegetarian soap and free of the animal fat.

Many of the herbs used to produce these soap bars has been used for spiritual purpose since ancient time. Also, these soaps are handmade in a traditional soap-making method.

Moreover, these soap bars are rough in texture because of being handmade. Each of the soap bars carries the care and blessings of the beauty Himalayan soap crafters. Amazing Hands Nepal offers the widest range of Nepalese handmade Soap Bars at the best price. We are proudly working together with Himalayan soap crafters in Nepal.

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