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Handmade Dream Catchers Collection. Hearing or reading the name Dream Catcher, a modern ornament, a small ring with a net in the middle, made up of thread, beads in the middle and feathers hanging at both ends image comes to our head immediately.

A dream catcher is known as a spell that can capture a bad dreams between these good dreams and the nightmares. Giving dream catchers on birthdays and special occasions have become a fashion because it symbolizes protection and positivity. Historically, dream catchers have different theories and their purpose varies from religion to religion.

Taking reference to an old story of a child who was seriously ill, had a fever from bad dreams. Then a women who practiced medicine made a dream catcher based on the spider web. When the nightmare fell on the boy, it stranded the nightmare onto a rope and only the good dream sprinkled on the child from the feather feather at the end of the dreamcatcher. When the first light of the sun hit the dream catcher In the morning, it burnt all nightmares trapped in it.

Similarly, another compelling theory about dream catchers is the Native American theory. At the time, the Ojibwe and Lakota tribes were ancient Native American tribes fascinated by spiders. They believe that spiders can protect them from negative influences. Since each tribe had a deity that to follow, they had Asibikashi who possesses magical powers. They called her “Spider-Woman”. For various reasons, they had to travel far to their hometown, and it was difficult to keep them safe with her protective power. To protect them, she made the first dream catcher “Asbikeshiinh” during her tenure.

After that, all grandmothers and mothers made a dream catcher just to protect them from bad omen. The Ojibwe tribe believes that the night air is full of good and bad dreams. The dream catcher was hung on the head illuminated by the sun. Nightmares were captured in the web, and beautiful dreams would pierce feathers and penetrate the souls of those who fall asleep. The rest of the nightmare tangled in the web was swept away by the morning light.

The other is the story of spider who was weaving a net on the window. Spider expressed its gratitude and provided its web to catch all the nightmares of an old lady who’s grandson was about to kill the spider and the old women stopped him from doing so. Handmade Dream Catchers are made using different colourful threads and materials. These dream catcher available in our store is made by the local women.

Shop our Handmade Dream Catchers Collection today for restful and serene sleep.

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