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The Nepali handmade paper products is available in our store and has been authentically sourced from genuine Himalayan Lokta paper crafters. These products from Nepal is known for their durability. An eco-friendly handmade paper has been used to produce these crafts puts beauty in daily life. These papers are traditionally handmade from the Lokta paper plant fibre which is also called the Daphne Shrub or Lokta Bush.

The Himalayan country, Nepal has been using Lokta paper products since ancient times. Back then, all the documents that has historic importance, used to be kept written on Lokta papers in Nepal. The Nepalese government still uses the these papers to keep official records.

In today’s day, the use of Lokta papers has widened. Its amazing textures and variety of colours and prints are being loved by people around the world. Lokta paper lampshades used to decorate homes, restaurants, hotels and office rooms, adds an amazing ambience to the places.

Similarly, because of their environment-friendly nature, the demand for the Lokta journal notebooks, Lokta paper wall hangings, Lokta paper prayer flags and many other products are rapidly increasing. Besides that, the Lokta paper small industries in Nepal helps provide sustainable income to the people living in the rural areas.

Amazing Hands Nepal proudly ships worldwide all the varieties of the Nepali handmade paper products, encouraging the world to use these crafts to save trees from our mother earth.

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