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Thangka Tibetan traditional paintings have been a cultural heritage of Nepal since ancient times. Painting of Thangka is an art of reflecting artisan’s spiritual connections and beliefs towards the holy Gods and Goddesses on cotton or the silk appliqué. Also, it is one of the art of doing meditation by putting thoughts and imagination on a piece of fabric. Monasteries and Buddhist ritual places seem to be incomplete without the these paintings hanged around.

The painter should have an ultimate level of calmness, spiritual visions and passions while doing the these paintings to give the best finishing. Natural pigments and minerals used to paint these Thangka paintings can be found with various depicts of Buddhist holy faces and Buddhism symbols. Many of the varieties of these paintings are also painted with real gold and silver which is only done by true professionals. Thangka painting can be bought stitched with scroll fabrics or simply without so that the framing can be done later.

Back then, making traditional Tibetan Thangka painting was only a way of exchanging cultural ancestry but it is also a profession for a living in today’s day. Thousands of people are now involved in Thangka paintings. Many of them have been teaching to the generation who admire to make it a profession. Especially, this business is familiar to the women as it can be done by taking a little space at home whenever they have free time and also it doesn’t require hard physical efforts. Many of the specially-abled people are also attracted to the Thangka paintings nowadays.

Amazing Hands Nepal, proudly promoting cultural crafts and selling varieties of traditional Thangka paintings. Our Thangka paintings are hand painted from the learning level artisans to the higher-level professionals. Our prices are very much reasonable that you would never have to compare. We hope we all will be together to keep this beautiful tradition alive.

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