Partnership Policy

Please read our Partnership Policy carefully.

Amazing Hands Nepal was established in 2019, aiming to help the Nepalese artisans and to grow our nation peacefully, by generating more possibilities. We appreciate all the crafts sellers who love and care about Nepalese handicrafts. We’re eagerly working to do a partnership with Nepalese crafts importers from all around the world and craving to run this business together for the long run, not just with mutual support but also with providing support to our artisans.

Here we have listed out some of the major points that make you eligible to take the advantage of our partnership policy.

1. Helping the Nepalese artisans should be your major priority.

2. You need to have a registered company or an organisation in your country.

3. The brand name of your company should be the most important thing for you that you wouldn’t let down by any of your faults.

4. You shall have placed at least 3 orders with us no matter how much the value of your orders. That means we shall have done 3 shipments that would help us to rely on you and your company name.

5. Nothing more than that!

What are the advantages that you can take by doing partnership with us?

Here are some:

1. You can place a huge order as you want by only paying 75% of the invoice value and the rest you can pay at your convenience time. Of course, there will be a certain time limit.

2. If you think some products are regularly going but don’t have enough space in your warehouse to keep enough stock? We will do that for you! We will always keep enough stock of the products that you want just to get them right away so that your customers wouldn’t have to hold.

3. You’ll be able to use more coupon codes.

4. We can add as many free samples as we can with each of your shipments.

5. Others are loading… Have more questions or think we can add one more advantage for you? That shouldn’t be your worry! Send us a WhatsApp message on +977 974 2927 600. We will get back to you quickly!

Have a wonderful time! Cya!