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If you’re looking for the Nepalese arts and handicrafts Collection whether to decorate your home or to give something special to someone that is lovingly handmade by the Himalayan people then we’re the one-stop solution for you. Our collection includes a great selection of books that are written by monks and spiritual practitioners. You can also find storybooks about the Himalayan country of Nepal and recipe books as well to make yourself a Himalayan chef.

Another most inquisitive crafts collection we have for you is the Himalayan Tibetan Shaman Crafts. The rituals performed by Nepalese shamans involve numerous elements, including dance, music, chanting, offerings, and the use of sacred objects. These rituals are believed to tap into the spiritual energies of the natural world, connecting individuals with their inner selves and the divine forces surrounding them.

Similarly, the another distinctive artisanal crafts collection we have is Thangka Tibetan Traditional Paintings. Our Thangka paintings are hand painted from the learning level artisans to the higher-level professionals. Our prices are very much reasonable that you would never have to compare. We hope we all will be together to keep this beautiful tradition alive.

Besides the above, we also have the Himalayan Stone Craft and decors that are hand-carved by the Himalayan stone crafters. These stone wall hangings and decors are so very special as the variety of Buddhist mantras, Buddhist deities and symbols are carved on the stones that can be found only in the Himalayas.

You can also discover the ultimate collection of handcrafted dream catchers available in our store for a restful and serene sleep as well as to add beauty in living space.

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