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Find the heavenly aroma fragrance with our Nepali rope incense Collection. The term “Nepali Rope Incense” is an another name of purity on this earth. It is a blessing to stay calm and peaceful using the high Himalayan natural herbs by the ancestors to the generation in Nepal.

Only the finely ground natural herbs, rolled into a Himalayan Lokta paper, without any chemical process makes it healthier and also desirable. It’s important in today’s world is getting wider.

Buddhist people in Nepal believe that the ancient history of rope incense is from Tibet. However, It also has the biggest history in Nepal. Every old generation in Nepal is known to produce these incense using their herbal recipes. Newar community in Nepal believe that burning the self-made rope incense to worship Buddha generates blessings in life. People burn these incense in temples and monasteries during the rituals.

Also, many of them believe that burning these incense in the drawing rooms and while doing the extra curriculum activities makes the person more creative and relaxed.

Moreover, people from other countries feel amazed when they see women sitting around the temple and making these incense. It has more traditional value in Nepal. However, many people are using these incense as room freshener.

Amazing Hands Nepal will always be taking part to keep the cultural traditions alive. We are proudly motivating the next generation to promote these rope incense. Also, supporting the artisans to live a sustainable life working into this kind of small business in Nepal.

Each rope incense you buy from our Collection will help us to keep the tradition alive, support local women and encourage the next generation.

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