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Yoga Meditation Cushions

Introducing our handmade yoga meditation cushions for all your meditation and yoga product requirements. In today’s world, yoga and meditation have become a part of life. To all of us, it gives internal peace to all the daily struggles in our lives.

Sitting on a proper cushion that is specially designed for doing yoga and meditation purposes, provides perfect balance to all the yoga positions. Keeping that in mind, our professional crafters have designed some meditation cushions that will not just help you get the best satisfaction while doing yoga but also puts a great ambience to your yoga rooms.

We believe that yoga and meditation are connected to our very personal life and choosing the non degradable rubber mats and products doesn’t worth it. When we hear or read the term “Yoga”,  nature immediately pops up in our minds. Caring that, we focus on choosing the materials, directly from the nature while making our yoga meditation cushions. These products are handmade and filled with the natural kapok.

Moreover, as YOGA means peace of mind and HELPING SOMEONE is its synonymous, your purchase of our meditation cushions helps empower women in Nepal. So with that, you’re helping the people in an underdeveloped community and getting something beautiful to do yoga and meditation. Does that sound good to you? If yes then say HELLO to us! We’re eager to say NAMASTE to you!

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