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Both in Buddhism and Hinduism, the metal crafts or simply the metal handicrafts have been playing a key role since ancient time. These metal crafts not only include statues of different deities but also a variety of ritual objects.

In the Himalayan country Nepal, not any house in complete without a deity statue in it. Not just houses but hotels, and business offices are also can be seen decorated with metal deity statues in Nepal.

Our metal crafts are handmade by the Newar community in Kathmandu and in the neighbor district Lalitpur (patan). Specially, the Shakya people from the Newar community are known as masters of these metal crafts. They learned the metal crafting skills from their ancestors and the tradition have been passed down to the generation.

Copper, brass, white metals and many other varieties of metals have been used to make these metal handicrafts. Some of them can be seen decorated with pure gold and some are only plated with the golden colors. Amazing Hands Nepal is proudly an exporter of all these varieties of Himalayan handmade metal crafts.

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