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Zen Japa Mala

Buddhist Zen Japa Mala or mala for short, are a kind of rosary that has been prevailed in both Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal since ancient times. Monks and Yogis can be seen around the monasteries, temples and stupas doing Jaap, chanting the mantras with Malas on their hands.

Back then, only the ritual people used to practice Japamala while doing meditation but in today’s day, people are also using it as mindfulness aids even without religious beliefs.

Traditionally, Japamala consist of 108 beads and a large guru bead in addition where there can be either the tassels or the knotted cords. Sometimes, the 108 beads Malas are too long but there is also a tradition that they can be shortened to 54 beads. There is also a tradition of making 27 beads Malas for the wrist.

Natural stones beads, Rudraksha beads, various resins beads, natural wooden beads, bone beads, glass beads, Bodhi beads are the most commonly used beads to make Japamalas.

These beads are sometimes decorated with inlaid stones, colors and carvings. As meditation is linked to various health benefits i.e. reduce stress levels and anxiety, improve sleep and help functioning body parts smoothly, lower blood pressure and maintain blood sugar, Japamala helps to concentrate while doing meditation.

Besides that, it also can be worn as jewelry or as a fashion accessory. Similarly, the stone Japamala makes you feel cool when you’re out in the summer.

We are the wholesaler for Japa Mala Buddhist Prayer Beads.
Being a wholesaler of Buddhist Zen Japa Mala, we have been supplying our various kinds and beautiful designs of Malas to worldwide meditators and its lovers. It is helping us to empower our village women, providing them with an easy source of income.

We aim to enroll as many disadvantaged communities and create a platform where we all can work together to upgrade our living standards.

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