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Our Tibetan Singing Bowl Collection could be the one-stop destination for all the variety of singing bowls you may have required. The Tibetan bowl is believed to have vibratory energy. Its origin dates back to the Tibetan culture. Tibetan singing bowl gives a harmonious healing sounds when we move a special mallet to the edge of the Tibetan bowl. In the Himalayas of Nepal, it is used as an important sound therapy tool.

Similarly, the unique sound of the Tibetan bowl is believed to have a healing effect. However, in modern times, singing bowls are often considered a symbol of relaxation and meditation. Also, it has extraordinary functions and can be found in various Buddhist rituals and meditation homes. The metals used to make Tibetan bowls are bronze, zinc, gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin. Some may also contain nickel.

Likewise, many of the artisans in Nepal are been making these bowls with the varieties of decorative symbols. The sacred Buddha mantras, Buddha statues, and many of the Buddhist symbols carved on these bowls gives it more spiritual look. The ancient Tibetan bowls are handmade by skilled craftsmen with extraordinary skills and abilities.

Moreover, as there are varieties of singing bowls are available in Nepal, artisans have given different names attributing to their type and manufacture. Jambati, Ultabati, Thadobati and Kophrebati have recognized Tibetan bowls from Nepal. The largest and heaviest is categorized as a Jambati. Thadobati’s design is simple and ancient. Ultopabti is more dynamic than others and the bowl comes with the wide range of sounds is categorized as Kophrebati.

Our store proudly sells all the varieties of the Tibetan Singing Bowls at the best price. We are promoting the Tibetan culture and also supporting the hardworking working artisans. If you have anything to know about our Tibetan Singing Bowl Collection or want to buy in a bulk of these singing bowls available in our store, simply send us your enquiry here.

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