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Himalayan Ritual Tibetan Prayer Flags. The Tibetan flag is called Darchok or Lungdar. It’s story is related to the Buddha. It is believed that when the wind blows Lungdar, also Lungta or prayer flags, these places and regions will be purified.

The prayer flag on the roof let the wind carry printed blessings to the distance. This is why prayer flag is hung horizontally or vertically on long ropes or ropes, mainly on the roofs of houses and also in the mountains in Nepal.

Different kinds of mantras and auspicious symbols are printed on the Himalayan ritual prayer flags. The flying horses (traditionally a wind horse, believed to be able to deliver prayers quickly), tigers, mythological snow lions or powerful birds can be seen with the mantras on prayer flags. Tibetan people believe that these symbols makes one feel the spiritual and positive energy.

There are five prayer flags in different colors. The upper part is blue, then white, red, green, and yellow, representing the five elements of heaven, air, fire, water, and earth respectively. When we raise the flag, it purifies nature and life with balanced energy and flies to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. People believe that the more the flag flutters in the wind, the more blessings people will receive.

Each of flags are caringly printed by hands one at a time. At the beginning, the prayers, images and mantras are carved on the wooden blocks. Then putting the ink on wooden blocks, they put the piece of the colorful clothes on it to get the flag. After stitching or sewing of those clothes on cord, prayer flags are now ready to be hung.

In mid-February, the third day of the Tibetan New Year (Lhoshar), the prayer flags are changed once a year. In addition, it can be changed under special occasions or ceremonies. Prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom.

There is no prayer to the gods on the banner, which is a common misunderstanding; on the contrary, Tibetans believe that prayers and mantras will be blown away by the wind, spreading kindness and compassion in all spaces. Therefore, prayer flag is considered good for everyone.

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