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Notebooks and Greeting Cards

Come and explore an amazing selection of the great Himalayan journal notebooks and greeting cards collection. Our products have been sourced from genuine Himalayan Lokta paper crafters and these products are authentically handmade by the skilled paper crafters in Nepal using the Himalayan Lokta raw materials.

Our awakening-designed products have been crafted using creativity with thoughtful sentiments. The rich Himalayan cultural and historical backgrounds can be seen on our notebooks and greeting cards which have been added to the design using hand-screen-printing techniques. Every person receiving these products as a gift may feel emotionally attached to those who give them these products.

Besides the above, since our products are handmade in Nepal, the crafters who make these products are from the rural Himalayan region of Nepal. These hardworking crafters are financially disadvantaged. We aim to support these artisans and your purchase is the medium to help them.

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