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About Amazing Hands Nepal

Amazing Hands Nepal

Welcome to our About Amazing Hands Nepal Page! Looking for handicrafts made purely out of the works of an authentic and humane? Animal-friendly but still made out of love of Nepal and also a creative product too?

We are here for you!

Amazing Hands Nepal is your one-stop online shop for all kinds of Nepalese and Tibetan handmade arts and crafts.

We are established with the purpose of women empowerment, young entrepreneurship, social establishment and arts and crafts development; it is always our major priority to make quality handmade Nepalese products available all around the world.

We’re building a workplace and a platform for the struggling to live a normal life, selling their beautiful creations.

Our varieties reach all corners of Nepal. Some locally made such as the Cashmere and Pashmina. From happy and healthy sheep’s Wool Hats and Caps, Gloves and Socks or even a distinct variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, known as Hemp. A pure & natural fibre which can be made into Hemp bags, Pouches, Wallets & many other Accessories. Felt Products made into cute Dolls, Slippers and even the simplest Coasters. If the Lokta Paper is also what you’re looking for to get that classic rural look then we have those too!

Hand-knitted Woollen Jackets, Buddhist Dharma Products, Nepali Health and Herbal Products, all these things you can find in our store. In addition to your gift collection, we also have Himalayan Soap Bars, Incense Sticks & Ropes. Similarly, the Nepali Garments and Fabrics as well as Hand Woven Products, Shawls & Scarves and much more can be found here and of course, are individually packaged with love.

We are the wholesaler of Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts!

Most products ARE with WHOLESALE PRICE and need not worry about. Amazing Hands Nepal treat foreigners and locals equally. It is equally important for us to keep the love of the products and preserve the quality every bit as much as we treat you, our valued customer.

Tibetan items that include Tibetan Singing Bowls, used as an important therapeutic tool for healing and meditation, the wondrous kind. Pendants, jewellery boxes (authentically Tibetan of course) to keep them in. If jewels aren’t your thing, minimalist could be another, incense ashtrays & holders, Tibetan Rituals items and could be your forte. Dorje and bell, Tibetan Prayer Flags and also the Tibetan Shaman Collection. Also in addition, we also have multiple natural wood carvings, Buddha statues, resin decorative statue all of which, again we are selling online at WHOLESALE PRICE.

A more beautiful and possible addition to your home’s collection could include the Dalai Lama preaching scrolls and cushions. Likewise, Tibetan metal Calendar, Prayer box pendent Ghau or Gau perhaps even Tibetan door curtains and bags. These varieties of the products we are selling here are very special and made with love and care.

Fashion is not forgotten but rather reintegrated into a more natural fibre of materials. Ranging from kids of all ages and sizes to women and men. Most of our products are free sizes made purely of wool and or Nepali cotton.

Again, we aim to give access to the artisans to be able to sell their creativity all around the world. Our mission is to make you feel like you’re visiting the homes of an artist to collect the hidden arts and crafts you love even being far from the distance.

Help support the local community

As much as you help us, we help our local folk here! Manufactured here in Nepal and by supporting, us, you help keep the jobs of many other Nepalese local folks here. The key here is FAIR TRADE, a safe reliable area for Santa’s little helpers with much support from again a safe and reliable wage income. Many hours put into a single product would not go to waste but rather promotes the business opportunities and most importantly, our tradition, to bring a little more of our heritage to your home.

Let’s get united to support tiny little homemade businesses in the Himalayan country, Nepal. Subscribe to us on our YouTube Channel.

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