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Cotton Textiles and Interiors

Welcome to the Nepali Himalayan Cotton textiles and interiors collection where you can find all the great Himalayan hand-woven, hand-printed fabrics and its products.

Our collection includes cotton tapestries that are decorated with beautiful block paintings of deities and symbols. Decorating homes with these tapestries would create great impressions for the visitors.

You can also find beautifully handmade cotton throws, table runners clothes, cotton coasters, wall decors and so on which can make you fall in love with the ambience of your living space.

Are you looking for unique textured cotton fabrics to make something? Well, no worries! We provide a great variety of cotton fabrics handcrafted by skilled women in the village of Nepal. Of course, you can purchase any length starting from the 1 meter. Explore our Himalayan Cotton textiles and interiors collection and support the Nepalese hand-weaving artisans in Nepal.

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