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Incense Holder

If you’re an incense lover and looking for a variety of Traditional Incense holder and burners then we are here for you! We have the widest range of Buddhist incense holders and burners that has been crafted by professional artisans in Nepal.

From antique-style copper incense holders to very old-designed wooden incense burners, we have all kinds of them which add sweet fragments to your living space. Our collection includes Tibetan incense burners that come with various Tibetan symbols and layouts. Similarly, the variety of wooden incense holders and burners we have to offer comes with cultural paintings and carvings. We have powder (Sang) incense burners, Tibetan stick incense holders and burners, cone incense burners as well as rope incense burners where you can hang the incense ropes easily to feel its fragrances.

The variety of Tibetan box-designed wooden incense holders has been painted with many ritual symbols and colors which can add monastic beauty to the living space. These incense burners and holders have been sourced from small crafters from the villages who make these creative crafts for their living. Your purchase of these incense holder and burners would be a motivation for our artisans to make sustainable incomes. Shop our Buddhist Incense Burners and Holders collection Today.

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