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If you are a Nepali Handicrafts enthusiast and want to get a set of beautiful crafts for yourself but don’t want to spend a bunch of money then we have a dedicated category for you called “Discounted Sale Crafts”. In this category, you can find great Himalayan handmade stuff at a very reduced price which you can never find anywhere else.

Many of the crafters here in Nepal make things in their free time and they make a whole lot that they can’t sell in a good period. While thinking about making new designs, they want the previous designs to go away so that they can have enough money to buy materials and products to make the new stuff. We try to find those crafters and get their products for you at an unbeatable price.

Similarly, sometimes, finding the same material to make the same things is like climbing the seven highest peaks in a second. In this particular situation, the crafters will have to stop producing some products even though the design is very much appreciated by their lovers. They then have to find similar products to replace the previous design and that makes the stocks stuck.

Again, Mother Earth is amazing. The weather and the environment here are always rotating. The crafts that are made during winter don’t sell well in that particular time so it’s a hassle for the manufacturers to keep them for next year as there will be another production next year. In that case, they want to get rid of the available quantities left after the season ends and again the stocks will be stuck. Amazing Hands Nepal tries to give those stuck stocks a medium so that handmade lovers would get to know about it and make a purchase. This way, the artisan’s motivation for making products and the value of the product wouldn’t go down.

If you’re running a wholesale or retail store in your country and want to check if there is any discounted sale crafts at any moment then you are always welcome to get connected with us. We will search all the corners of these crafters and can get you a variety of products at an unbeatable SALE price. Of course, quality also matters because I know that there’s no point in praying a large amount for trash. Come and let’s get to work together

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