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Tibetan Incense Holder

Our Tibetan incense holder and burners collection is for those who love to be in a monastic ambience. The unique old-style incense holders in our collection have been handmade by skilled artisans in Nepal. The tradition of making these incense holders and ritual crafts has been down to the generations since ancient times when many Tibetan refugees were exiled from Tibet and came to Nepal to find shelter. They then started making a variety of crafts to live their life and the Tibetan incense holders and burners are one of it’s kind.

Various Buddhist symbols and abstracts have been engraved or carved on these incense holders and burners that we have been offering to the world for the past few years. These cultural offering crafts can be found in the monasteries in the Himalayas and many meditation and retreat centers.

A variety of metals i.e. copper, brass, white metals and also natural elements i.e. clay and ceramics have been used to produce these beautiful cultural crafts that make home a sweet home. Shop your favorite Tibetan incense holder today.

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