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Why do we call it Himalayan Wild Hemp?

Farming of hemp plants is still prohibited in Nepal. Even for its industrial use to produce products like hemp bags, hemp shoes, hemp hats, and so many other hemp accessories which would generate income in the country, it’s not legal to grow hemp. Then how do people are still able to make hemp products? The answer is, they collect the raw hemp from the wild Himalayan jungles where there are hemp plants that grow in their natural habitats.

Bajhang, Bajura, Achham and 37 other districts of Nepal are known for the places to get natural hemp fibers. Back then, only the marginalized group of the people from the village areas in Nepal used to be the community to wear and use products that are made of hemp fabrics. It was easy for them to go to the jungle, collect the raw hemp and make the things according to their needs. Since the process of getting hemp fibers is still the same, we call it wild Himalayan hemp.

Who collects the hemp fibers from the jungle and what do they do with that?

Especially, the Tamang community who lives near the jungle areas in the village are the collectors of raw hemp. There are 1100 types of hemp plants (Sourced) out of which, only 105 types are found in Nepal and 3 types amongst them are best in fiber. These villagers in Nepal are professionals in selecting those 3 types that have less THC and more fibers. They sell that raw hemp to the manufacturers who produce hemp products.

What is the process of making hemp products?

Generally, there are two types of making finished goods from raw hemp.

1. People in the village are professional in making products they want traditionally using raw hemp. Knitting and crocheting with raw hemp are very difficult as the size of threads are not similar and it is bound to cut off while knitting but these crafters use their soft hands which they learned from their ancestors. These products are rough in texture compared to the processed hemp.

2. Another process of making hemp products is the modern way. The manufacturers buy raw hemp from the villagers. This raw hemp should be from at least 3 months older plants. They keep the raw hemp in the water and peel its fibers and removes THC. Then they boil it with the mixture of ashes. Sometimes they also mix the mud according to their color requirements. They then put them into the carding machine to make it soft and clean fibers and then they make the threads using the fibers. After all this process, the threads go to the weaving departments where women use traditional weaving machines to make hemp fabrics. Also, these threads directly can be used for knitting and crocheting. Now, the fabrics are ready to make finished products.

Why do Amazing Hands Nepal manufacturing and promoting hemp products?

We believe that hemp products can replace plastics!

1. Women Empowerment. Another reason behind promoting hemp products is women empowerment. Whatever the process it goes from the beginning to the finished products, mostly the women are enrolled which helps the nation to support women. It gives them enough work opportunities.

2. Support Grow Country’s National Income. Nepal is an underdeveloped country where remittance plays a vital role in government budgeting and the country’s economy. These remittances are from youngsters who go to the gulf countries to do hard work. We aim to make the government realize that growing hemp for industrial use can bring income to the country even more than they can imagine. There would be more opportunities for the young people in their land.

3. Save Planet For Future Generation. Hemp products are 100% natural and eco friendly. Also, it easily decomposes into nature. People are aware of the goodness of hemp fabrics nowadays. It does not just save our planet for future generations but is also good for our skin and body type. Organic hemp fabric gives coolness always whenever we use it.

Besides all this goodness of natural hemp products, there are many more to know…

So, we are on our way to promote Himalayan Wild Hemp Products, are you?

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