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The varieties of Himalayan handmade jewelry products include finger rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anklets and many other Tibetan jewelry. These jewellry products we have on our website have been designed traditionally. Nepalese and Tibetans have been wearing jewelry from ancient times. Jewelries are assets for Nepalese and Tibetan women.

Though people are wearing jewelry for fashion nowadays, there are different purposes people believe and wear jewelry. To save the self from negative energy, beautify the body, a way of celebrating festivals and following the culture and traditions, people wear jewelry. Also, as a wedding gifts, to gain the good fortune and so many other traditional reasons, people follow jewelry wearing culture in Nepal and Tibet.

Moreover, it is also said that people took the jewelry as a transform tool, they could easily carry with them as there was no way of investments back then in Tibet. Many Tibetans started making jewelry to sustain their lives coming to Nepal when they were exiled from their land. Similarly, they taught ideas of making jewelry to the Newar communities to help each other in the early days.

Copper, white metal, brass, silver, gold and many other precious metals are used to produce these jewelry . Also, the varieties of natural gemstones and resins are added on these jewelry to enhance the beauty of it.

Our skilled artisans have learned to produce these Himalayan handmade jewelry crafts from their ancestors. We are proud of having large varieties of jewelry, authentically handmade for you to enjoy the Nepalese and Tibetan traditions.

Your purchase of our handmade jewelry products would help us to inspire our artisans to make some more unique styles of jewelry.

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