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Tibetan Prayer Flag Avalokiteśvara

SKU AHNTPF002 Category Tag

Type: Hand Printed

Made of: Terry Cotton

Size: Approximately, 15cmx20cm & 190cm long

Product Weight: 40 Grams.

Shipping Weight: 55 Grams. (After Packaging)

Color: White

Category: Buddhist Prayer Flag

Handcrafted By: Yolmo Lungta Prayer Flags.

$ 1.75

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Tibetan Prayer Flag Avalokiteśvara is a traditional Tibetan prayer flag from Nepal. This prayer flag has Tibetan Lord Avalokiteśvara and the mantra prints on it. Avalokiteśvara (Chenrezig in Tibet) is known as the bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddha. Buddhist people in Nepal worship Avalokiteśvara as a Buddha. Similarly, people in Nepal hang this prayer flag in their houses and on the trees at the hills to bring peace in life. Many of the monks also hang this flag to spread peace.

Moreover, the terry cotton fabric is used to produce these flags. Each of the these flags are hand printed one at a time in a traditional way. Also, 10 strips of the thousand arms Avalokiteśvara and the mantra printed, terry cotton leaves are stitched on the cord of this flag. Each strip measures 20 centimeters wide & 15 centimeters approx. The total cord measures 190 centimeters long approx.

The color of this prayer flag may slightly vary according to the screen type. Please allow a small difference in size for its handmade nature. Your understanding is truly appreciated.

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