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Our category Nepali handmade cotton clothing products are to promote the great Himalayan traditional costumes and cultural dresses throughout the world. Nepal is a multicultural country where there are so many people who speak different languages and they have different cultural dresses and clothes. It’s sad to see the young generation slowly forgetting the costumes and cultural clothing but still, they somehow wear them during festivals and other ritual ceremonies.

Even though the Himalayan country Nepal is small in shape, it has the widest cultural history and background. So many people from so many religious backgrounds have been living happily in this country. Tamang, Sherpa, Magar, Limbu, Bhramin, Newar, and many other castes are in this country and they all have their different costumes which represent their rich cultural heritage. Our target is to make these traditional and cultural clothes alive and make them available always throughout the world. Browse our Nepali handmade cotton clothing today and find out how people decorate themselves in cultural costumes in Nepal.

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