Woven Products from Nepal are to develop women’s empowerment in Nepal. The products available in our store are from the “Woven Enterprise”. Woven is a social enterprise that empowers women from the underprivileged community. This organization is providing skills to disadvantaged women. After providing the skills to them, they then use their talents to produce handwoven cotton and leather products.

They use 100% cotton fabrics handwoven by the WSDO; Women’s Skills Development Organization. This organization has been providing skills to women in rural Nepal since 1975.

Being a fair trade organization they ensure fair wages to the women working together with them. Similarly, they process their products that minimize the environmental impacts using local raw materials along with eco-friendly dyes. There are more than 500 women directly working in this organization.

Every woven products from Nepal that you buy is helping WSDO to empower many other women living under the poverty.

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