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Nepali handmade rope incense products are widely renowned for their natural fragrance. The manufacturing process of these products is entirely handmade and does not require any non-herbal addition or formulation like other types of incense such as cone incense or stick incense. The herbal plants, roots, resins, and seeds used in the manufacturing process are grown in the land of the Himalayas and are ground in a traditional method. The blended herbs are then rolled inside the Lokta paper, which is a unique type of organic paper. The paper containing the blended herbs is then given a long, thick rope-like shape. Nepalese women are adept at making rope incense and can make a rope stick in no time.

Nepali Rope Incense

Story of Nepali Handmade Rope Incense

Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur are the old Newari towns in Nepal that are interconnected with each other. The Newar community is one of the indigenous people of Nepal known for their rich cultural history. They play a significant role in preserving Nepali tradition and culture. It is believed that the Newari women made rope incense earlier because they considered it sacred and pure. They collected the herbs themselves, ground them, and made the incense themselves to offer to God in their purest and untouched form. With time, rope incense became a source of income for them, which they made at home and sold in the market that happened once a week or a month.

Similarly, the Tibetan community, known for their mastery in preparing healing recipes, revolutionized these incense by adding healing herbal recipes to it, making it a healing material. Gradually, more and more people started taking advantage of rope incense. Nowadays, people worldwide use these incense to worship the lord and during all kinds of ritual ceremonies. It is also used to bring freshness to the home and clean the air with healing aromas. Many people use it to relax their minds and calm their nervous systems. Additionally, it is used to fill the house and rooms with beautiful fragrances.


Nepali Rope Incense

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